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CastellanoMD Wellness Program

The Problem with Weight Loss

At its core, obesity is a hormonal and inflammation issue and until we address it as such, people will continue to have problems losing weight and keeping it off. Dr. Castellano understands that if you suffer from Insulin Resistance (IR), your body doesn’t work like everybody else’s, you will have a more difficult time losing weight on a low-fat diet than someone who is not IR. Dr. Castellano educates his patient on how to incorporate the latest scientific knowledge so that they can maximize their weight loss and keep it off. Our weight loss program provides a real solution to the obesity epidemic we are undergoing.

Physician supervised Weight Loss Program

This is a calorie restriction program. We help our patients understand the role that macronutrients play in weight loss. Typical weight loss averages 2-3 pounds per week. Each patient is seen on a weekly basis. It is during these one-on-one sessions that we help you understand the changes that lead to long term weight loss success.

Accelerated Weight Loss Program

For those patients seeking a kick start or are under time constraints, we off the Accelerated Weight Loss Program. Typical weight loss averages 5-7 pounds a week or more. Each patient is prescribed HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin), vitamins, and probiotics and is seen on a weekly basis by Dr Castellano. A body fat analysis is done each week so that we know whether the patient is burning fat or muscle. We want you to hold on to as much muscle as you can as it dictates your metabolism at the end of the diet.